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As probably the only company in Poland, we offer the Hot-Stamping service from literally 1 piece. This refinement allows for embossing selected elements with shiny gold, silver or red foil (foils of a different color available on request), giving the label a unique, exclusive character.

To perform Hot-Stamping, it is necessary to order a matrix. The time of making the matrix is ​​from 5 to 8 working days, and the cost is PLN 250 net. Thanks to the materials used, the matrices are almost eternal. If you do not change the embossed graphics, its size, the size of the label itself and the location of the embossed element on the label, the matrix will serve you for many years. After the order is completed, we can describe the matrix and keep it in our collection or send it back to you together with the ordered quantity. If you do not mark it on the order, the matrix will be in our collection by default.

The cost of the stamping itself depends on the specification of the order. In order to perform the valuation, we need to see the project with the information about the size of the label and the number of copies provided.

Labels that we emboss using Hot-Stamping are delivered to you in the form of small collective sheets (the size of the sheet depends on the size of the label and usually does not exceed A4).

It is not possible to prepare labels with Hot-Stamping for automatic application.

Hot-Stamping labels are printed on a special PVC foil. This foil is available in glossy and matt varieties. Before implementation, we encourage you to order film samples.

The service requires an individual calculation.

Notes for the designer:
- small elements, e.g. fonts, must be at least 10 points. (we recommend 15 points), and the lines at least 0.25 mm thick (we recommend 0.5 mm).
- The distance between the elements should be at least 2 mm (we recommend 3 mm).
- The file should be sent in PDF format, and the embossing pattern should be prepared on a separate subpage.
- The maximum embossing size is 90 x 190 mm.


Metallization is a modern method of refining self-adhesive labels by digitally applying a glossy metallic foil. This technology resembles the Hot-Stamping technology. However, there is no need to make a matrix here, which allows for selective refinement of labels in an order from 1 item without additional initial costs. Thanks to this solution, Metallization is a slightly cheaper and faster technology than Hot-Stamping.

The available colors are shiny gold, silver, red and navy blue. The metallized element is not pressed but applied flat. Its structure is somewhat reminiscent of brushed metal.

Labels are delivered on a roll. It is not possible to prepare the rolls for gluing by the automatic machine.

We make metallization on foils available in our standard offer, described in the "Substrates for printing" tab.

The cost of metallization depends on the specifications of the order. In order to perform the valuation, we need to see the project with the information about the size of the label and the number of copies provided.

Before ordering, we encourage you to order metallization samples.

The service requires an individual calculation.

Notes for the designer:
- Projects containing metallization should be sent only as PDF files.
- Metallized elements should be placed on the same layer as the rest of the graphics. They should be given the overprint attribute and any color from the Pantone palette (other than Pantone simulating the cutting line) should be given. The second way is to put a metallized element on the second page of the PDF. Then there is no need to use additional colors or attributes.
- Due to the metallization accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm, we recommend not to design metallized elements in close proximity to other elements or as, for example, frames parallel to the cutting line.
- It is recommended that texts and other complex graphics with metallization should not be smaller than 5 mm, and the gaps between individual elements should not be smaller than 2 mm. Smaller texts are possible, but single letters like "a" "b" "d" or "p" may "flood". The larger the elements, the better the results are. The minimum, safe font size is 10 points. (however, we recommend 15 points).
- For best results, use light backgrounds. Metallization made, for example, on a black background, has a greater tendency to flood small elements. In extreme cases, metallization on surfaces with high color saturation may not be possible. It is not always possible to identify such a limitation at the stage of accepting a project for printing. In this case, when the metallization turns out to be impossible, the order will be interrupted. The customer then does not bear any costs. In such a case, we recommend that you select the Hot-Stamping method.
- It is possible to put more colors on the metallization label.
- Metallized elements must not extend beyond the bleed line. The minimum distance of the metallized element from the edge of the label should be 10 mm, and the recommended distance is 15 mm. If it is necessary for the metallization to come out on a bleed, please contact us to present us with a graphic design and consultations on possible technical possibilities of bleeding printing. This option is more expensive.
- The metallization device accepts a printed web with a maximum width of 114mm. Thus, the maximum width of the side A of the label may be 111mm. The B side of the label, on the other hand, may have a maximum of 380mm.


Sheeting is a service of cutting stickers into smaller collective sheets or even single pieces. In this case, you will receive stickers cut along the outline according to the sent file, and additionally cut into sheets that are easy to distribute.

Attention! Due to the low basis weight of the backing paper, the cut sheets may slightly differ in size from each other. However, this does not adversely affect the appearance and size of the sticker itself.

The service requires an individual calculation.