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About Us

Our printing house was established in 2005 in Katowice, Poland. In the beginning our team was composed of only several persons. After a year the number of our personnel increased two times and from that time we have been continuously employing and meticulously training new employees. We form a well-coordinated team that is strongly oriented on customer satisfaction. In the contemporary times everything is based on money, yet it is not a priority to us. The fact whether a Customer is satisfied when collecting the goods  has always been more important to us than profit. This very approach allowed us to constantly grow and get this far.

Our speciality is reel printing of small and medium series from 1 to 150,000 pieces. Apart from very low costs of printing, and thus low prices, the lack of prepress costs sets us apart. The cost of production of polymers typical for flexographic printing does not occur in our company. Already in the beginning a Customer makes savings both on making matrices, and later on cutting labels themselves. We do not use traditional punching dies. Modern, digital punching machines allow to make even the smallest order without any initial costs! We also do not apply laser cutting, hence, corners of our labels are not blackened or warped.

Apart from commercial activity, the environment and our impact on it is an important aspect to us. All waste generated during production are recycled by companies cooperating with us.

Bases and paints used by us may be applied on packaging of food products (at a Customer’s request we send all manufacturer’s certificates). We do not use UV paints. As a standard, we do not use UV varnishes.